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Provide Low-voltage Switch Detector to the Power Supply Bureau

  • 2017-05-22
  • Low-voltage Switch Detector, Pressure loss Sensor
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We research and develop Low-voltage Switch Detector for Power Supply Bureau. 

According to the requirement from the customer,we research and develope the TER-03 Pressure loss Sensor by ourself. 

The sensor adopts AC380V three-phase four wire input, and corresponds respectively to the product panel's A, B, C and N (zero) terminals, as well as detects the phase voltage of the busbar.  


Self-developed TER-03 Pressure loss Sensor 

(adopts AC380V three-phase four wire input).

Correspondig respectively 

to the product panel's A, B, C and N (zero) terminals.

Detecting the phase voltage of the busbar.